May 3, 2024 2 min read

Meet Eric

Meet Eric

I am very pleased to announce that Eric Wallerstein is joining the Yardeni Research team as our Chief Markets Strategist. He will work with me and the rest of the YRI team as we continue to produce the very best analysis of the global economy and financial markets that we can. 

Eric joins us from The Wall Street Journal, where he covered global macro—or as he says, the “anything that’s interesting” beat—as a markets reporter in the New York bureau. 

He drew on his previous experience as a trader at the New York Fed to analyze (and sometimes criticize) monetary policy as well as bets tied to its path. His insightful coverage of the ever-growing Treasury market was frequently featured on the front page, including articles on why America’s fiscal trajectory is unsustainable and, more importantly, why it matters for investors.

Among his major wins include writing about Signature Bank's deposit losses and wobbles in the regional banking system in January 2023, a story that Signature Bank publicly rebuked. The FDIC declared Eric the unanimous winner a couple months later. He was among the first to explain the boom in short-term options trading and wrote features on how higher inflation is unraveling the classic 60-40 strategy.

Eric’s breadth and depth—simplifying complex topics like the reverse repo market and its ramifications for stocks and bonds—are why we’re so excited to add him to our roster. Links to his numerous articles can be found here.

Eric started his career at the New York Fed, as I did, which played an important part in my decision to hire him. In his time there, he worked on the money markets desk, where he traded in repo operations and monitored funding markets during the onset of the pandemic.

Eric majored in economics at Bucknell University.

YRI is very happy to have him join us, and we look forward to working together.

We thank you for your ongoing interest in our research service, which we continue to improve with your support.

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