Jan 22, 2023 2 min read

The Economic Week Ahead: January 23-27

The Economic Week Ahead: January 23-27

The Federal Open Mouth Committee is giving us a break. Their blackout period started on Saturday. We won't hear from them again until February 1 at 2:30 p.m. That's when Fed Chair Jerome Powell will hold a presser following the latest FOMC meeting. Meanwhile, corporate managements will have a lot to say during their current earnings reporting season.

This week is packed with potentially market-moving economic releases:

(1) On Monday at 10 a.m., The Conference Board will report December's leading and coincident economic indicators. The LEI peaked at a record high last February and was probably down again last month. It is predicting an imminent recession. The CEI rose to a record high in November, but might have been flat or down a bit last month.

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