Nov 28, 2022 1 min read

Dr Ed's Video Webcast 11/28/22

Dr Ed's Video Webcast 11/28/22

The consensus is now bracing for a 2023 recession that tempers inflation and ends the Fed’s reign of tightening but also depresses corporate earnings, suggesting more downside for stocks’ valuation multiples. We’re more optimistic, expecting

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We’re more optimistic, expecting no broad-based recession but a rolling one, no continued bear market in stocks but sluggish earnings limiting their upside. … Both scenarios hinge on inflation: If it remains persistently high despite having peaked, expect a broad-based recession and all that entails. If not, the 2023 outlook will be brighter. … Also: A look at data supporting both soft- and hard-landing scenarios. … And: What the Fed might do next.

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