Aug 1, 2022 1 min read

Dr Ed's Video Webcast 8/1/22

Dr Ed's Video Webcast 8/1/22

We’ve been making the case that the latest bear market might have bottomed on June 16. So far, so good.

Below is exclusive early access to Dr Ed's Webcast for paid members. This post and video will open to the public on a later date.

Just a few weeks back, industry analysts’ earnings estimates suggested they were oblivious to investors’ recession fears, and we quipped that the former was from Venus, the latter from Mars. Now it’s investors interpreting news with a rosy bias as analysts shave their estimates. … The stock market now appears to be discounting investors’ recent hopes of peak inflation, peak Fed hawkishness, and a mild recession. … Also: We examine Powell’s suggestion that monetary policy is nearly restrictive. … And: The Bond Vigilantes are from Venus now too.

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