May 23, 2022 1 min read

Dr Ed's Weekly Webinar 5/23/22

Dr Ed's Weekly Webinar 5/23/22

Today, we zero in on stock market bears—why they’ve been wrong for 13 years (quantitative easing), why they’re right currently (quantitative tightening), and why we believe their outlook is too pessimistic.

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Primarily, we don’t expect an imminent recession because conditions aren’t ripe for a credit crunch. Additionally, the recent tech stock weakness is no Tech Wreck 2.0; inflation, looking peakish already, won’t prove intractable; and wage pressures are stoking an economy-boosting productivity boom. … We stand behind our “Roaring 2020s” scenario following a brief interlude in the 1970s. … We’ll be taking bear spray to Yellowstone. … Finally, Dr Ed reviews “Downton Abbey.”

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